Who We Are

Name of the organization – Bioetika means studies of Bioethics.
The aim of the organization Bioetika is to aware people about social and ecological issues.
Educate people in carrying and respect each other, supporting, empathy, tolerance in social life and taking care about animals and nature.
Our methodology includes: informative actions,volunteering, workshops, role games, non-formal education methods, visual materials.
Finding solutions by using many keys: media, art, non-formal education and ethical studies.

Our Story

Initial group of activists / volunteers was formed in 2007 and lead by Alexandra Saveljeva.
NGO “Bioetika” officially registered in March, 2015.
With the help of our group of volunteers / activists various actions and events have been organized:
charity events, exhibitions, help for animal shelters and orphan houses, including organizing social events there; 
collecting clothes and things for shelters; visiting elderly people; cleaning forests and green zones from the garbage.

Our Achievements

  • Meeting in Moscow with organization VITA – took examples of Bioetika scholar program produced in 1990. And have the rights to develop and spread it.
  • Bioethics program was taken as additional subject for one semester in 5-8 grades of a local school No 92, Riga.
  • Within the Bioethics school program children art and presentations contest with topic “animals and people” was announced. Throughout the contest three works-presentations were awarded.
  • Alexanra Savaljeva taking part in “Youth Riga Council”, (youth depute in committee of environment)
  • Organized Project “Re-ART”  sponsored by Erasmus+, The main idea to show ecology issue trough the art, this project united 28 youngsters from 4 different countries – Spain, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia. (Filmmaking, eco-workshops, photography).
  • Bioetics program presented to a teachers in University of Psychology.
  • Organizing and supervising a group of volunteers for Music Festival “Tallinn Star Weekend” which involved about 20 000 guests (Day 1 – Rock Music: Offspring, 2 Cellos, Lordi, Day 2 – Classical Music: Andrea Bocelli, Charisma and Orchestra)
  • Organised charity event “Free Market” involved over 300 people.
  • Provided informative program about possibilities of education in orphan house “Dzeguzite”.
  • Pilot episode of “Bioetika Life”
  • Pilot episode of cooking show “V for Vitamins”


You also can read/hear/see about us in media.

Join or support us

If you want to join or support us, feel free to contact us.

Currently our main project is developing bioethics education program for schoolchildren and youth.
We are currently working on art, social and charity programs as well.

You can take part in our creative and charity projects, help us with organization events, be a volunteer who involved in social fields (shelters,children,elderly people, e.t.c) and art fields (exhibitions, concerts, films).

For partnership

We are seeking for partners in EU projects, for details see: