Funded by Alexandra Berliner, who creating clothes designs and using innovative fabrics which protects human health and are sustainable for ecology.

  • Each collection carries a specific theme and message.
  • 10% of income goes to support Bioetika’s social and environmental projects.
  • There are three styles and lines presented by EEON clothes brand.
  1. SMART Line
  2. NEO Line
  3. ECO Line.
  • We support ethical labor rules and our team members are those who develop their ideas, potential, motivated and apart from work are socially active. 

Mission and philosophy:

It makes no sense to create more and more clothes that will litter the planet. Our brand creates clothing for a new eon.

These clothes are useful, have protective properties for health, self-expression and position.

By purchasing our products, you sponsor and contribute to the development of social and environmental projects. 



Quality clothing, innovative, safe, sustainable, ethical.


Instagram: eeon.brand