Studies for the volunteers

There were 10 experimental lessons of integration was prepared for volunteers who came from Ukraine with the will to help and prepare a social event for children in Riga.

They learned about Latvia and Latvian traditions, cultural heritage, had excursion in Riga and Jurmala cities. Took part in celebrating Independence day, and visited light shows of the Staro Riga cultural event. Tried national dishes in Lido restaurant, get in touch with local people, learned basics in Latvian language, and volunteered in animal shelter.  Participated in the project #stopxenophobiainLatvia and visited The Night of Royals Christmas ball in VEF organised by Rīgas Latviešu biedrība.

And all together with the local volunteers prepared social event for children “Mandarinia”, where participated 429 children from orphan houses, social centers and children with special needs, also over 100 children from families also took part in these event. these was the great cultural and social integration for the both sides.