Charity Event for Children “Mandarinia”

These winter warmed hearts of children from orphan houses, social centers, children with special needs and children from families.

These year it broughts together 55 volunteers, 429 children from social centers, and over 100 children from families The event took place in 4 locations,that was 10 events and 2 two more test events.

“Mandarinia” so called charity event created for children with different social levels to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s magic together and interract with each other. These year Alexandra took part as a mentor for organising volunteers and preparing these event. There were 4 volunteers who came from Ukraine, and one from social center, and local who met up every day and prepared everything from the beginning. Creating the content of these ear, writing script, preparing decorations, outfits, and activities.

These year theme was “The secret service of Santa Claus helpers” where children learn how to prepare presents and making gifts for each other, and participating in fun activities like a relay for sending gifts from a huge slingshot to the magic Santa’s portal. Learning moves from elf dances,  creating snow and other winter magic like clowds, fog. All volunteers was wearing elf costumes and pretending that everything happaning in secret Santa’s place.