V for Vitamins” is a new cooking show that introduces you to healthy and delicious recipes for a balanced diet.

Our guests are different chefs who invited to cook and share their own style and secrets.

  • You will find information about useful and vitamin-rich food.
  •   Series and seasons are divided into topics, which makes series more focused.
  •   The meals does not contain animal meat.

For the development of the project,financial support is needed. The team works on enthusiasm and is ready to continue the project by adding more interactive and invite nutrition experts to participate.

 We want to share and make a balanced diet more accessible for the audience.

The first pilot episode is published in three languages. In the native language of the chef – Russian. Translated and duplicated into English and Latvian. Further it is also planned to publish programs in the native language of invited chefs and continue duplication to other languages. 

This makes it possible to combine different cuisines and to be closer to the audience.

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