To each dog need to have a chip (in Latvia)

Since January 1, Latvia has passed a law on compulsory chipping the dogs. Until the end of the year, owners must take care that their pet has a microchip with a unique number registered in the database of the Agricultural Data Center.
Chipping will prevent the loss or theft of the animal. Even if the dog was taken abroad, it will be found on the database and returned. It will also be easier to call for criminal liability for cruel treatment of an animal.
Chipping procedure for a dogs providing not only in the veterinary clinic, but also with a specially trained inspector and in animal shelters.

The average price of chipping in clinics is 35 euros. Workers of the food and veterinary service chip the animals for 17.50 euros.

The penalty for evasion from chipping is up to 210 euros for individuals and up to 350 euros for legal entities.
According to the statistics of the Center for Agricultural Data, now more than 34 thousand dogs are registered, and in all, 260 thousand of these animals live in Latvia.