Summing up the year 2016

Summing up the year 2016

This year has been very interesting and brings us new experience. We have launched a number of projects and built the foundation and direction for the future!
We have new partners from different countries.
We have implemented a social, cultural, creative and media projects, such as the shooting of the social film and cooking program about healthy lifestyle, as well as a project for stray animals was developed.
This year we participated in the conference in the European Parliament in Brussels, on the theme “Population and the Environment.”
We have a website where updated news and soon there will be many sections added in menu.
Thank you all! participants and activists, partners and volunteers who have been with us and supported us this year!
We wish you to have a Wonderful Holiday season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We wish you happiness,love and success! See you in the new year!

In early January, we inviting you to come to our general meeting, where we will announced our plans for the next year,and projects. Where you can present and realise your ideas too.  As well as team building we will gathered the same interest groups, so we become more autonomous and make the new 2017 is brighter and better together! (See the news there will be the announcement of the event).
Here below you can find a list of all our actions during this year.

Winter-Spring Season
1) An activist and volunteer Veronica Medner made various presentations and shared her experiences of volunteering in Africa. As well as other EVS programs. (took place in Lampa).
2) Charity event “Free Market”. (took place in Raduga2005).
3) Preparation,separation and transportation of the needed clothes and other things to distant places like: “Orphan houses, homes for elderly people, homeless shelters, animal shelters.
4) Cooperation with the Red Cross.(Koknese novads)

5) Informative. At the orphanage in “Dzeguzite” Irshi in the area carried out an information campaign about the program volonterstova and work abroad, European projects and the possibility of education. And also about international competitions and projects.
Summer season
6) Participation in the European Art Forum in an exhibition in Brussels, writing and submission of declaration in the European Parliament on “Beauty in art and human dignity”
7) Co-operation with the organization of South Korea “International Liaison Team of International Peace Youth Group” (IPYG).
8) Help in organizing a flash mob about P.E.A.C.E in the world. We were also invited to visit South Korea and to participate in the summit.
9) Participation of authors photo exhibition and presentation by Julia Svede experiences and volunteering in organizations in Africa working with the protection of rock art and other cultural inherit age. Cooperation with the organization of “Culture Up”.
10) Get involved in B.R.I.D.G.E. project by taking part in presentation and sharing experiences about participation in exchanges and experimental projects. Organizers of the project is Natalia Gudakovska and Alexander Milov.
11) Filmed e a documentary about the people and the motivation pushed them up for a changes.  There took part people from different countries and different experiences and stories.

Autumn season
12) Participation in the project in Minsk, Belarus.
13) Filming our healthy cooking show (informative cooking show about healthy diet and healthy recipes)
14) Took part in training NGOinto Business, Lithuania
15) Our volunteer and social worker conducts classes for children in the refugee camp.
16) EU Parliament Conference “Population and Environment: Building a Sustainable World”
Winter season
17) Partnership and cooperation with the organization “Alternate Reality”, prepared a social and christmas events for children (video shooting and volunteering)
18) Participation in the charity fair for helping animals
20) Participation in the writing of the project in Formula2 –  about the stray animal problems.
21) Co-operation and meeting with a group of activists from “The M.A.D Project”  a non-profit educational initiative. (who have contacted us before arrival to Riga).
So fast and active took us a year, we looking forward for the implementation of goals and objectives in 2017.
All once again thank you all for being with us and see meet you in New Year!