The shooting of the first pilot “Bioetika Life” series

Last Saturday was the first test shooting
“Bioetika Life” is a series of video reports, where we will examine the various issues and situations in everyday life from the side of ethical solutions and alternatives.
Theme of the first series of the programs:
Stray animals”. Part 1. Actions. Houses for cats.
In this program, we focused into the problem of stray animals, and met with Anastasia, the chairperson of the “Cat Care Community” organization, which exists only a year and this year, only two girls – participants of the organization were able to solve the problem of stray cats in the cold season.

In just a year they together built more than 90 houses for cats, which provided an opportunity for animals to survive the winter. Girls also working on other plans and projects, helping to find a new homes and responsible owners for animals, as well they raising topics of sterilization and shelters for animals.
In the plans, the series will be forwarded to several existing topics, requiring a new look and solution.

Animals (homeless animals, animals in operation (circuses, hunting, experiments, etc.)
Human rights (people with disabilities, restriction of freedom, protection of children, protection of women’s rights)
Ecology (environment, overpopulation, alternative resources and innovations)
Education (the basis of ethics, the causes of cruelty in children)