“ArtCycling” training course in Upcycling and the Zero Waste Approach

Our team from Latvia has great opportunity to take part in the project organised by “Youth For Mobility” in Netherlands.

Upcycling and the Zero Waste Approach that took place in the country side of Netherlands, Diever. Activities are centred on gaining insight into different waste-management cycles, meetings with stakeholders and artists, attending craft workshops and practicing a zero-waste approach during the entire week.

Great opportunity was sailing with the By the Ocean we Unite in the North Sea, fishing micro plastic. We visited BlueCity Lab with a portfolio of projects and ideas, varied from upcycling plastic to household materials, to making leather from mango fruits. We met architects, entrepreneurs, artists, activists and lots of inspirational people that fight for making this world full of new opportunities for human kind and nature. 34 people from 9 different countries (Hungary, Latvia, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Algeria, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain).