Partnership and internship

Partnership and internship

From November 2017 we signed a partnership agreement with the University of Economics and Culture (EKA).

And we had our first volunteers and interns.

Here is the feedback from our intern Guna Pujāte.

I am a 4th year student of Translation and Interpreting in the University of Economics and Culture. In the end of 2017 I had the opportunity to be an intern in Bioetika. I was given different texts that needed to be translated: starting from scripts from a cooking show and ending with a very important informative text for school children about saving our planet. It was a text that helped me, as well, focus more on the little things that most people take for granted. Things concerning our woods and how many trees die in order to make one sheet of white paper. How much water we spend on daily basis, not even wondering about people who have no access to water at all. This text was about sustainable development. About living the same life just a bit more awarely than before.  I truly believe that it is an important message that should be heard all around the world. I hope it reaches every person it is targated at and we save our planet together. :)

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Thank you, Guna!

If you want to apply for an internship, you can contact us via e-mail